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moleskin kilt form:



Q: what is molkskin
A: Moleskin is a British term that describes extremely tightly woven cotton flannel, which is heavily brushed to deliver both softness and flexibility. Trousers made of this cloth are esteemed for their comfort, warmth, and durability in the field and around the farm, and because of that reputation, the name has been applied to a wide range of heavy flannels that are not true moleskin. The difference is in the weaving technology. Real moleskin is made on heavy-duty looms whose design allows high tension on the thread and high thread count per inch.

Contrary to the impression the name may give, they are made neither of the skin of moles nor the kin of moles. Moleskin is a wonderfully comfortable, tough and hard-wearing cotton fabric that is as tough as leather but as soft as velvet to the touch. Substantial on their own(pants), extra warm with long underwear and warm and weather proof with windproofs or waterproofs on top.

100% cotton moleskin fabric embodies the endurance and tradition of the rugged lifestyle for which it was created. First developed in medieval Europe, this cloth was worn by farmers and the sporting gentry alike, offering warmth, protection, and comfort in varied conditions. Like corduroy, moleskin has a softer brushed nap that is very wind resistant. Though the pleasant feel of the fabric seems like a luxury, this sheared pile actually protects the surface from abrasion and wear. This texture resembles suede or the downy coat of the mole, its namesake.